Research, learning and methods development

Ian Christoplos has been an active researcher throughout his career and is currently a senior researcher focused on climate change adaptation at the Danish Institute for International Studies. He is also engaged in a soon to be started DFID financed research programme, led by Lund University, with responsibility for using research related to poverty and gender impacts of agricultural intensification in influencing the work of district authorities in Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania.

As part of his evaluation work and research Ian Christoplos has been closely involved in supporting learning and methods development with particular emphasis on humanitarian action. He joined ALNAP in 2000 and was a member of the steering committee from 2000 to 2004. He has also undertaken a range of assignments for ALNAP, including as co-author of the recently released pilot guide for evaluating protection in humanitarian action and a soon to be released paper on the quality of evidence in humanitarian evaluations. He is also co-author of a guide to evaluation of rural advisory services.

Ian Christoplos is active in other efforts to use evaluations and accountability initiatives to improve development cooperation and humanitarian performance. He was deeply involved in various initiatives that ultimately led to the establishment of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership and led the realtime evaluation of its pilot under the Humanitarian Accountability Project. He was the lead author of a peer review of the WFP evaluation function. Ian has also advised a range of conflict-related research programmes, including the ODI-led Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium, the Dutch IS Academy on Human Security in Fragile States and other research and capacity development initiatives.

Recent assignments

2016 Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP)

Consultant: Co-author of guide to evaluating protection in humanitarian assistance, drafting of a guidance paper on the quality of evidence in evaluations and development of a tool for assessing evidence in humanitarian evaluations.

 2016 Evaluation Function of the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers

Consultant: Quality assurance and preparation of a background paper on the role of the CGIAR in engaging with agricultural extension as part of an evaluation of the CGIAR’s role in capacity development.

2016 – Present NIRAS Indevelop

Researcher: Responsible for political economy analysis and promoting research into use, collaborating with Lund University on a DFID financed research programme focused on sustainable and equitable agricultural intensification in Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.

2009 – Present  Danish Institute for International Studies

Senior researcher: Analysis of issues related to the role of local institutions in relation to poverty and natural resource management, with particular focus on climate change and disaster risk reduction. Leader of the Danida funded research project on Climate Change and Rural Institutions in Viet Nam, Nepal, Uganda and Zambia.

Selected publications

Christoplos, Ian, Francesca Bonino, 2016, Evaluating protection in humanitarian action: Decision making processes, common issues and challenges, ALNAP Pilot Guide

Christoplos, Ian, Chipeta, Sanne and Sandison, P. 2012, Extension Evaluation Guide, Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services

Christoplos, Ian 2010, Mobilizing the Potential of Agricultural and Rural Extension, FAO

Baker, Jock, Ian Christoplos, Stefan Dahlgren, Susanne Frueh, Ted Kliest, Zenda Ofir and Peta Sandison 2007, Peer Review: Evaluation Function at the World Food Programme (WFP), Sida, Stockholm

Christoplos, Ian, 2005, Institutional Capacity Building Amid Humanitarian Action, ALNAP Review of Humanitarian Action in 2004, ODI, London

Christoplos, Ian, 2003, Common Framework for Supporting Pro-Poor Extension, Neuchâtel Group, LBL, Lindau