About us

Glemminge Development Research is a limited company registered with the Swedish tax authorities. Our office is located in Österlen, a region in the far south-eastern tip of Sweden. The office is located fifteen kilometres from Ystad, close to Malmö and Copenhagen. At our office in rural Sweden we have facilities for workshops and meetings. Our facilities provide a conducive environment for critical reflection on the challenging issues facing development and humanitarian actors.

Dr. Ian Christoplos is the director and lead consultant of Glemminge Development Research. He has over thirty years of experience as an evaluator, researcher and practitioner working with rural development and humanitarian assistance.

Ingrid Sundberg Christoplos is the administrator for Glemminge Development Research. She is a research librarian by training, with over fifteen years experience working with academic libraries and international institutes. Her work includes back-up for our assignments and overall administration.

We collaborate with a large number of evaluators and consultants in various countries who can be mobilized for different assignments.