Conflict and recovery

Glemminge Development Research’s involvement with post-conflict/disaster recovery began with the director’s work as a humanitarian practitioner in the Horn of Africa and Southern Africa during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In more recent years we have undertaken evaluations of a number of think tanks involved in conflict analyses, including a review of five South Africa-based think tanks working with peace and security, two evaluations of the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, an evaluation of the Cambodia Development Resource Institute and others.

Ian Christoplos has been involved in a range of assignments with ALNAP looking at issue such as protection in humanitarian assistance, the localisation agenda and other issues. A major focus of his work with ALNAP and others has been on the humanitarian-development-peacebuilding nexus, including leading a review of evaluative evidence for the UN Evaluation Group and evaluations of humanitarian and recovery programming in the Syrian refugee response for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Refugee Council. Recent assignments include an evaluation of the Folke Bernadotte Academy’s peacebuilding, mediation and dialogue work in Liberia.

Ian Christoplos drafted the synthesis evaluation for the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition on links between relief, rehabilitation and development after the South Asian tsunami. Glemminge Development Research also led a major study for the ProVention Consortium of the outcomes of recovery and disaster risk reduction efforts in the decade after Hurricane Mitch.

As part of a project with the Overseas Development Institute’s Humanitarian Policy Group we undertook research in relation to food security and agricultural rehabilitation in post-conflict and chronic-conflict countries, such as Afghanistan and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Recent assignments

2017 Danish Refugee Council

Team leader: Evaluation of ECHO financed humanitarian response for Syrian refugees in Turkey

2017 United Nations Evaluation Group

Team leader: Review and mapping of evaluative evidence regarding the humanitarian-development-peacebuilding nexus

2017 Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Team leader: Evaluation of EU Regional Development and Protection Programme in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq

2016 Active Learning Network on Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Assistance

Co-Author: Guide to evaluating protection in humanitarian assistance

2015 Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services Programme

Researcher: Drafting of a summary chapter for a book on agricultural extension in conflict and post-conflict contexts.

2015 Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

Team leader: Review of five South Africa based think tanks working with peace and security.

2009  ProVention Consortium

Researcher: Leader of a research programme “Learning from Recovery” analysing long-term recovery processes after Hurricane Mitch.

2005  Overseas Development Institute

Research associate: Research into “The changing roles of agricultural rehabilitation: linking relief, development and support to rural livelihoods” funded by the EC Poverty Reduction Effectiveness Programme, in collaboration with FAO.

Selected publications

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